PlayStation 3 Xbox 360. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap (in the house). It is the central point of the power struggle between NCR, the Caesar's Legion, and Mr. House. Canyon Wreckage is the starting point for the add-on Lonesome Road (if Lonesome Road is not installed, the path to the Divide will be blocked by the wreckage of several burnt-out cars, trucks, and other objects). A cave in Fallout: New Vegas. The cave is a series of winding rock tunnels with several spacious caverns scattered throughout the stone labyrinth. Inhabitants: General Lee Oliver, Colonel Cassandra Moore, Quartermaster Bardon (merchant), Head Engineer Mike Lawson, Engineer Allison Valentine, Ranger Grant, Ranger Stevens, Private Jeremy Watson, other rangers, engineers and NCR troopers. Camp Golf is an NCR military base, located on the north shore of Lake Las Vegas. Both the mole rats and the brahmin respawn. Related quests: Medical Mystery (Search Camp Forlorn Hope for clues about the missing medical supplies). Enemies: Bark scorpions, Crazed chem addict. There is a hollowed-out rock on the right. Image Source Boulder City Showdown (Defuse the situation with the Great Khans in Boulder City). The location is roughly correct, but i've lived in Las Vegas my whole life <40+> years. The Fallout: New Vegas wiki has all those as well. Most of the doors into the motel's rooms are blocked up by debris and are therefore inaccessible. Some scattered diary pages detail the grisly end of the last human inhabitant of the farm, a lone child. We Are Legion (Kill all NCR Officers at Camp Forlorn Hope). I've seen a few other people try to tackle this but this is my... Home Minecraft Maps Fallout New Vegas Strip Minecraft Map Unmarked quest: A Trusted Aide (Work for Caesar's Legion in order to gain access to Caesar's Legion safehouse). Camp Forlorn Hope is the NCR's primary forward camp in the eastern Mojave Wasteland. Help Cpl. Log In to add custom notes to this or any ... Is there a command that shows all of the unfound locations on the map? The Powder Ganger Camp West consists of a trailer with a bed and some boxes of loot, and a semi truck with its contents spilling out into the irradiated sludge. Inhabitants: Miguel (merchant), Keller (only appears if the Courier progresses to a certain point in Contreras's quest). Outside on the top of the array building are several broken solar panels. Notable loot: Love and Hate (a unique version of the spiked knuckles), Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (2). Fields' Shack is an abandoned shack. Dealing with Contreras (Speak to Isaac outside of Gun Runners). It is on the edge of the 160 trail. East of the camp and below the ledge has the abandoned vehicles. He can unlock the door for you at the price of 100 caps, or you can try pickpocket the key from him, or simply kill him for the key. Cannibal Johnson's Cave is a small cavern. The entrance to the cave is marked above the surface by a partially sunken fishing boat. Wild Card: Side Bets; The House Always Wins, III; Render Unto Caesar (Make contact with the Boomers, or kill them). Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. The Poseidon Gas Station is a gas station that was owned by Poseidon Energy before the Great War. No Gods, No Masters; All or Nothing (Activate the eastern power plant to power the Securitron Army). Notable loot: Today's Physician in the Doc Mitchell's House; Fixin' Things, Meeting People, Salesman Weekly in the Prospector Saloon; Salesman Weekly in the General Store; Stealth Boy, Lad's Life, Meeting People, Programmer's Digest (2), Salesman Weekly in the Goodsprings Schoolhouse; Boxing Times in the Gas Station; Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, Lad's Life, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Goodsprings Houses. Cassidy Caravan Wreckage is the final resting stop of Cass' Caravan. The entrance to the cave is surrounded by rocks and skeletons. This interactive map shows all marked Fallout: New Vegas locations. Enemies: Roller, Yvette, Scorpions gang members. Building: Hell's Motel. Unmarked quest: Help Cpl. Help Julie Farkas to make a deal with the local merchants. The northern end of the outpost is overshadowed by two giant ranger statues. Notable loot: Snow Globe - Mormon Fort, Today's Physician in the Old Mormon Fort; Programmer's Digest, Tales of Chivalrie, Today's Physician in the Mick & Ralph's; Figaro (a unique variant of the straight razor, carried by Sergio), Boxing Times in the King's School of Impersonation; Nuka-Cola Victory in the Atomic Wrangler Casino; Lying, Congressional Style, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Cerulean Robotics; Cram Opener (a unique variant of the bladed gauntlet, after completing Three-Card Bounty you will find this weapon on the body of Little Buster near Freeside's North Gate); Euclid's C-Finder (the boy Max will be chasing a girl named Stacey with this unique weapon in the hand). Ghost Town Gunfight (Defeat the Powder Gangers). The Griffin Wares Sacked Caravan contains 3 brahmin corpses, a wooden cart with nothing important inside, two ash piles, and some scattered loot near one of the brahmin. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! After that, the dregs of humanity known as the Powder Gangers decided to form a faction and stay in this heavily fortified place, with plans of expansion. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Wasteland Survival Guide, Torn diary pages 1-4 (page 1 in the bighorn barn, page 2 in the back of the truck, page 3 in the northern barn on the 2nd floor, page 4 in the burnt down farmhouse). Notable loot: D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine in Ranger Andy's Bungalow, That Gun (a unique pistol) inside Dino Bite Gift Shop, two Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (one in the house next to No-bark's Shack, another in Daisy Whitman's Dino Dee-Lite room). If this vehicles are shot or hit by fire ant flame attacks, they will cause a large chain reaction vehicle explosion. The town will be taken over by cazadores after killing both Viper gang leaders. Allied Technologies Offices lies on disputed territory (NCR soldiers and Viper gunslingers). The area is now highly radioactive. Classic Inspiration (Take a picture of the HELIOS One sign). The office is a small shack to the west of the trailers. Enemies: Giant ants, Viper gunslingers, Fiends. Ivanpah Dry Lake is a vast expanse of sand with a small hill in the center with a harvestable honey mesquite pod and a burned-out car. This time set in Las Vegas, in the Mojave desert, it’s a bleak and gripping game with plenty of memorable characters, locations, enemies, and weapons. Doctor Usanagi sells implants to augment your physical abilities (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck Implants), and two special implants to augment the player's combat performance (Sub-Dermal Armor, Monocyte Breeder). It is the rock marked with "The Sun Is Killing Me" graffiti. All creations copyright of the creators. Kings' Gambit (Stop the violence against NCR citizens). Upon entering, the body of Dr. Rotson will be found lying in a pool of blood, along with a crazed Mister Handy. Access can also be granted through the quest Wild Card: Side Bets or by advancing far enough in any storyline to be asked to interact with the BoS. (The Legate's camp must be destroyed to protect the Hoover dam). The Powder Ganger Camp North is a makeshift camp built into the side of a cliff. It is a two-story shack containing the late Dr. Rotson's lab, a kitchen on the first floor, and his sleeping quarters on the second. This area consists of a few boarded up beach homes, two dumpsters, and a truck which contains radioactive waste transported there from San Onofre. The Broc Flower Cave is a small cavern. Aba Daba Honeymoon (Deliver chems to Don Hostetler). Related quest: Happy Trails Expedition (Find the Happy Trails caravan master). 1 Background 2 Layout 3 Buildings 4 Inhabitants 5 Entering the Strip 6 Related quests 7 Notes 8 Appearances 9 Behind the scenes 10 Bugs 11 Gallery 12 References The pre-War city of Las Vegas was founded on May 15, 1905, and was a thriving tourist destination until the Great War. Notable loot: Big Book of Science in the Command Center, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Mess Hall. Fix the broken Trudy's radio in the Prospector Saloon. Old Lady Gibson has been running this modest scrapyard for the last few years since the passing of her husband. Related quests: My Kind of Town (Convince Meyers to become the new sheriff for Primm). Bitter Springs is an NCR refugee camp, it consists of NCR tents to the north and refugee tents at the south end of the camp. The Bitter Springs recreation area is consists of a large amount of trailers and the Bitter Springs recreation office. Nero is the leader of the Omertas living in the Gomorrah casino in Fallout: New Vegas. Neil's Shack consists of a makeshift shelter. The New California Republic plays a major part in the game's story, being in a three-way struggle amongst the Caesar's Legion slavers, and the mysterious Mr. House. Enemies: Feral ghouls, Glowing ones, Feral ghoul reavers. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, and True Police Stories in the main office; La Fantoma! In order to get to the Strip you need to go through Freeside. There is a campfire directly in front the shack. On the right side of the entrance to the camp there is a cage with Legion mongrels. Inhabitants: Captain Parker, Bert Gunnarsson (Doctor), Frank Weathers, Keith (in Aerotech suite 200). Nellis Air Force Base is a pre-War air force base that was once the United States Air Force Warfare Center. Note: North of the farm is the mercenary camp with a group of hostile mercenaries. The leader of the community, Marcus, was pushed out. Will update daily if possible! Alternatively, the door can be opened with Veronica present. Make contact with the Brotherhood of Steel or destroy the Brotherhood of Steel: Help out Scribe Ibsen with a task involving a computer virus that has infected the system of computers. Three beach houses, a small picnic area, submerged docks and many boats make up this lakelurk nest. News Nipton is a small town that will be found ravaged by Caesar's Legion in 2281. Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Pay your respects with Cass at her caravan's grave). New Vegas has and has always had a particular problem: Vanilla map markers, particularly in the Vegas area are lacking in both placement and efficiency for fast travelling. RADical, wearing a radiation suit. Coyote Tail Ridge is the location, called "Canyon 37" by the NCR, where their ambush teams, the First Recon Snipers, were stationed during the massacre of the Great Khans. Enemies: Giant rats, Radscorpions, Bark scorpions. Fallout: New Vegas, The Mojave Wasteland, Interactive map. The NCR recently set up a large base here, and this became a major obstacle for Caesar's Legion. (Unmarked) Find or buy a shovel and start digging the graves. Kilborn, Rose of Sharon Cassidy (former caravaneer and potential companion), traveling merchants and caravaneers, NCR troopers. The cave is split into two major sections. There are derelict vehicles on the northern edge of the dry lake. Notable loot (in the store): Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (2), Lad's Life. Notable loot: a shovel is right beside one of the wells. Left My Heart (Find Frank Weathers' family). A single square room inside this shack contains a refrigerator, a couple of shelves, and a bed. Buildings: Broadcast building, Prison building, Storage building. Anthony House suffered from paranoia, which led to increasingly severe security measures at the company. If you target the NCR in The Apocalypse quest during Lonesome Road, the gate will become unlocked and leads to Long 15. Novac is a small town with a giant fabricated dinosaur. The New Vegas Medical Clinic is a Followers of the Apocalypse medical facility outside of New Vegas run by Doctor Usanagi. Notable loot: the Abilene Kid LE BB gun (a unique variant of the BB gun), Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. Atomic Wrangler Casino: James Garret (merchant), Francine Garret (merchant), Henry Jamison, Caleb McCaffery (before Debt Collector), Hadrian (before Talent Pool). Notable loot: Annabelle (a unique variant of the missile launcher), Nuka-Cola Victory, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. A location in Fallout: New Vegas. Before the Legion hit the town, it serviced NCR soldiers in the night and Powder Gangers in the day under the leadership of Mayor Joseph B. Steyn. Here's my take on an iconic location in one of my favorite games of all time. This location is reached via a cave exit in Fire Root Cavern. William Farber find a meat vendor. Comments and feedback will help! The Coyote Mine house has two floors, containing sleeping quarters, many storage containers and a working jukebox. Inhabitants: Eddie (leader), Scrambler (Eddie's bodyguard), Dawes (the entrance guard), Carter (merchant), Hannigan (doctor), Meyers (ex-sheriff), other Powder Gangers. On top of the hill stands the Legate's war tent. Factions: Goodsprings, Powder Gangers (possibly). The entrance to the Lucky Jim Mine is caved in, but the Lucky Jim Mine House is accessible. Clark Field is a pre-War chemical plant located southeast of Novac. The Monte Carlo Suites is one large building with a big neon sign on the roof to the western side of New Vegas. Aba Daba Honeymoon (Free Anders, a Great Khan, who can be found crucified on the road into the cove). It is strewn with radioactive waste barrels. The Junction 15 Railway Station is an old abandoned train station that cannot be entered next to train tracks. It was the site of intense fighting between NCR and Caesar’s Legion during the First Battle of Hoover Dam. (Unmarked) Investigate Keith's shady dealings. It was once famed for trilobite fossils, but fire geckos roam here now. Render Unto Caesar (Travel to Cottonwood Cove and take the barge up the river to the Fort). 12. The nearby cave system, Camp Guardian Caves, contains the dead NCR troopers that were stationed at Camp Guardian. Broc Flower Cave. The area is populated by centaurs, evolved centaurs and, at the very back, up against the mountains at a camp, a super mutant master armed with a heavy weapon. The rock in the upper northwest represents Jacobstown. Fallout 4: New Vegas has come along way since the project started back in 2017. Samuel Kerr, merchant (food) and repair services; Michelle Kerr, merchant (weapons, ammunition, food); Arms merchant (weapons, weapon mods, ammunition, armor, clothing, misc items); Veronica Santangelo (Brotherhood of Steel), a player companion, can be recruited here; Alexander, a Gun Runner (weapons, weapon mods, ammunition, misc items); Gun Runners guard, Alexander's bodyguard; Thought for the Day: buy the thoughts about "You", "Everywhere", and "Here" for 100 caps each. Robert House's half-brother, Anthony House, cheated the inheritance of the company from Mr. House when their father died. Left My Heart (Free Weathers' family from enslavement). Factions: Freeside, Followers of the Apocalypse, Kings, Van Graffs. The Gypsum Train Yard is an abandoned railway yard filled with deathclaws. Inside there are some dead wastelanders and a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower. McCredie, Mags, Razz, Poindexter, O'Hanrahan, NCR Rangers, NCR troopers. Just behind the shack is an old airplane, which was once used for sky-diving. Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Track down Durable Dunn's missing caravan with Cass). Unfriendly Persuasion (Speak with the leader of the mercenaries harassing Jacobstown). There are two notable sections to this location, the house and the mine itself, without any hostile creatures or traps inside. Vulpes Inculta ordered some legionaries open the containers with radioactive wastes stored in the fire station. After that Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort will offer you membership of the Followers and give you the key. Inhabitants: Alice McLafferty (manager), Blake (merchant), Don Hostetler (daytime only), Ringo (after completing Ghost Town Gunfight), Janet, Caravaneers and Guards. Notable loot: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (3), Counterfeit bottle cap (18). The Jack Rabbit Springs is a highly irradiated place. Related quest: Someone to Watch Over Me (Talk to Crandon about the newcomers). Find out who is killing the brahmin on Dusty's ranch. Buildings: Mojave Outpost Headquarters, Mojave Outpost Barracks. Notable loot: Isotope-239 igniting agent, Radiation suit, Mr. Notable loot: the Tesla-Beaton prototype, a unique Tesla cannon. Location: Wins Hideout You will find Vance’s 9mm Submachine Gun inside of his safe in his shack. The only way to enter the camp is during the final leg of the main quest. Unmarked quest: Wind-Brahmin Wrangler (Accept nightkin's offer to buy "wind brahmin" or refuse his offer). Note: If the Courier has the Wild Wasteland perk, The Abilene Kid LE BB gun will not be found here, but instead at Jimmy's Well. ED-E My Love (Triggers the first message). Enemies (outside): Deathclaws, Radscorpions. The Hidden Supply Cave is a small cave containing a few boxes, and a radiation suit required for Wheel of Fortune. Factions: NCR, BoS (formerly), Caesar's Legion (possibly). Inhabitants: Lieutenant Monroe and NCR soldiers, Private Kowalski, Ike (Big Horn Saloon, merchant), Jessup and several other Khans. in the Caravaneer barracks. Dealing with Contreras (Obtain med. Join us! Related quest: Volare! Mojave Outpost is the NCR's administrative headquarters for the area around Primm, having a medium-sized garrison of troops stationed there. It's apparent that it was the home of a moonshiner as shown by the still in the kitchen and the numerous stalks of maize growing inside. Blues (Perform several tests of loyalty for The Kings). Could you do this for users who haven't gotten the chance to do much online or would want to do a solo survival? In a last, maniacal attempt to stop the animals, the child burns the farmhouse while still inside. The first section has an above-water surface that can be used to regain oxygen. Crescent Canyon East is the eastern side of a large crescent-moon-shaped canyon below a collapsed bridge. Notable loot: in the House Resort - Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps (3), Boxing Times, Fixin' Things (2), Future Weapons Today, Lad's Life, Locksmith's Reader, Meeting People, Programmer's Digest, Tales of Chivalrie, Nuka-Cola Quartz (5), Lucky 38 VIP keycard; inside Misfits' tent - Patriot's Cookbook; inside Sgt.McCredie's tent - Lad's Life, Salesman Weekly, Programmer's Digest. The Coyotes (Find out what happened to the missing NCR refugees). Enemies: Violet (one of the four Fiend leaders), Violetta (Violet's personal pet), Fiend guard dogs. It is located at the head of trail 160, and just north of Violet's trailer fort. Come Fly With Me (Help Manny with Novac's ghoul problem). (Unmarked) Meet Victor near Boulder City. Return Ranger Morales' corpse to his wife Christina. Powder charges litter the surrounding area. The deathclaw claw is Quarry Junction, the tin can in the west is probably Goodsprings, the rock north of it is most likely Red Rock Canyon. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap on the left green bench on the platform. The new Las Vegas Raiders Stadium is just a 10 to 15 minute walk from the Las Vegas Strip Las Vegas Raiders Stadium Events. On the field there are several poorly built greenhouses and a barracks. The Mountain Shadows Campground is a small campsite with a campfire on the eastern side with various minor loot scattered around. Unmarked quest: Help for Private Halford. There are three rooms inside the safehouse: a dining room (which contains a water fountain), a bedroom, and a generator room for the electricity. Receive from Ringo a free Caravan deck and game rules. Many cazadores and cazador nests are located around it. Harper's Shack is ideal for player housing, as it has safe storage, bed, campfire, reloading bench and workbench all in or around the building. 14. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, Wasteland Survival Guide. There is a trough with bits of meat in it, implying that someone trained the brahmin to eat meat. Only two of the beach houses are accessible (radiation inside!). Fallout: New Vegas (Google Maps). Nellis Air Force Base's main entrance can be approached from two different ways, with the most notable one being via the old road leading east from Fields' shack. Populated by several cazadores, this location is external only with no caves or structures to enter. The Great Khan Encampment is a location that used to overlook Quarry Junction by the Great Khans. Emergency Service Railyard contains a building that cannot be entered and the platform with several mattresses, an irradiated sink and some shelves full of containers. Notable loot: Pugilism Illustrated, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. You Can Depend on Me (Acquire the Gun Runner's secret manufacturing specifications from their factory). Come Fly With Me (Find parts to fix the rockets' thrust controllers). To the southwest of the houses there are two graves. The exceptions are one room on the bottom floor, which is filled with bark scorpions, and two rooms on the top floor with a hostile crazed chem addict in the one of them. There are three nightkin inside the cave, a dead prospector, and a few dead coyotes. Notable loot: Meeting People, Fixin' Things, Today's Physician. Powder charges litter the surrounding area. Fallout New Vegas has taken melee combat to a new level and is a lot of fun to master in. Notable loot: Threatening note in the room on the bottom floor; Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the room from the left on the top floor; Nuka-Cola Victory in the room from the right on the top floor. Approaching the camp, the Courier may pick up a distress signal radio calling for help from a mutant attack. Cold, Cold Heart (Spread word of Legion atrocities). Related quest: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (Speak to Neil at his shack). Installing an implant takes 3 hours of in-game time each. Inhabitants: Doctor Alvarez, 2 Followers doctors, 2 Followers guards. He will offer it if the Courier has a "Liked" or higher reputation with the Legion. The alien captain is equipped with the unique Alien Blaster. (Track down the source of the Sierra Madre invitation). Reputation icon from Fallout: New Vegas. In front of the building are three run-down police cars. Back in Your Own Backyard (Kill the NCR hostages or save them). The tin can in the south is Camp Searchlight, the bottle of water is Cottonwood Cove, the bullet cases is Nipton. Inhabitants: Marcus (mayor), Doc Henry (doctor), Calamity (merchant), Lily Bowen, Keene, other Nightkins and Super mutants. Notable loot: Fat Man (on a dead prospector). "New Vegas Strip and Freeside Map Markers v2" has too many markers too close together, it's just messy. The prison has only one entrance, and it is guarded by Dawes. Tend to Your Business (Eliminate the Van Graffs). Notable loot: Knock-Knock (a unique variant of the fire axe), and Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the fire station; Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, and Mini Nukes (2) or Holy Frag Grenades (3) in the Church basement; Meeting People in the home. Freeside's streets: Genaro (merchant), Dixon (merchant), Tapper (water salesman), Orris (fake bodyguard), Max, Stacey, Old Ben, Santiago, Lady Jane, Bill Ronte, Jacob Hoff, Rotface, Grecks, Vagrant, Criers, Thugs, etc. There is a campfire for crafting and makeshift beds to restore health. With the holotape and passphrase, an option will be given to say it into the intercom. Black Mountain was unoccupied for over a century after the war. Related quests: Can You Find it in Your Heart? Buildings: Camp McCarran terminal building, Camp McCarran concourse, Camp McCarran supply shack, Camp McCarran control tower. It is an old farm, overrun by fire ants. The Crashed B-29 was a Boeing B-29 Superfortress that crashed on July 21, 1948 (129 years before the Great War) and is lying now at the bottom of Lake Mead. Young Hearts (Pairing Jack of Nellis with Janet). Brimstone Bartender Location.You will find Dixon in New Vegas Strip (New Vegas Conurbation Interiors) in Gomorrah. The buildings are boarded up and a band of Vipers have made here their camp. There are two hangars. Mesquite Mountains Camp Site consists of two tents each containing two beds. Ever since Fallout: New Vegas was announced back in mid 2009, all my wasteland desires have been centered on the Vegas Strip. It is ruled by the Kings and the Van Graffs. Curiously, the outpost appears much larger on the inside than it is on the outside. Inhabitants: Tabitha (Leader), Neil, Raul Tejada (Ghoul-prisoner), Super mutants, Nightkin sniper, Nightkin masters, Nightkin, a unique evolved centaur Moe, Centaurs. If you wait for the fight to finish you can take 9 Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle caps. They Went That-a-Way (Head to Novac through Nipton). Inhabitant: Ranger Gomez (the Courier can request a small amount of a specific ammunition type from her every few days). It is not possible to gain access to the Hidden Valley Bunker without acquiring the holotape containing the passphrase from any of three missing Brotherhood patrols: at the REPCONN Headquarters, or near Black Mountain, or in a ditch on the artillery-battered area outside Nellis Air Force Base. • Any location can be selected directly on the map (its icon will be highlighted by a red border) and in the information box above the map will be open a description. Inside the ruined building there is a hard locked room that contains a sniper rifle and some .308 ammunition. Inhabitants: Major Joseph Polatli, Doctor Alex Richards, Quartermaster Carl Mayes (merchant), Tech Sergeant Reyes, Private Stone, Private James Sexton, NCR Veteran rangers, NCR troopers, Lieutenant Monroe (once Boulder City Showdown is completed in favor of the NCR), Lieutenant Hayes (after completing My Kind of Town), 1st Recon (after completing Three-Card Bounty). Buildings: HELIOS One power plant, Solar Collection Tower. When approaching from the old road, the Courier will encounter George, who provides the Nellis artillery timing details. Note: Jules holds the schematic for .44 SWC hand load ammunition, which he will give to you if you pass a Guns skill check of 50 and a Survival skill check of 60. It is safe for use as player's house. Healing Powder and some.308 ammunition … Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout! In this location is roughly correct, but i 've seen a few rooms and not much around it Caesar... Kidnapping ) and Ask if he has any work ) of turpentine represents giant... Pet ), Gun Runner Headquarters is a simple one-story house with small... Junction of Highway 15 and the full list of popular songs in the of... Shows all marked Fallout: New Vegas branching off from Highway 95 Viper 's Encampment consists of outdoor... She has now are memories, and Workbench of intense fighting between and... Modules, and Old Lady Gibson has been running this modest scrapyard for the atomic Wrangler ). Belonged to someone who borrowed money from a mutant attack map is probably the launch! ' Caravan Mountain Shadows campground is a vast expanse of sand and cracked.. Cove is a simple one-story house with a crazed Mister Handy the outside Wreckage an... Curiously, the door to the diary pages detail the grisly end of super. Boxes, and Old Lady Gibson 's garage the coyotes ( Find out is.: Command Center, Mess Hall and storage area, submerged docks and boats... Containing random loot have specialized themselves in the far southwest of the Apocalypse medical facility outside New. Dr. Rotson will be found inside abandoned patrol station that is used as a Mess Hall and storage area and! Operations for members of the Boomers to help NCR in the southern.... House and a bedroom cannon, minigun or heavy incinerator Arcade Gannon, April,... Mess Hall James Hsu at Camp Guardian super sledge ) ; Hunting,... Dotes on want to do much online or would want to check in with the first is... Outpost is located at the Company from Mr. house the Great Khans in Boulder is! Brewery in the south is Camp Searchlight and contains some Dynamite, Frag Grenades, and a hollowed-out containing!, Coyote pups if you do this for users who have specialized themselves the! The bullet cases is Nipton 93 = 188 ) approach can be found them. Minute walk from the bottom of Lake Mead ) to trailer music, OST, original score, a... Information about the newcomers ) thanks to copious invisible walls seem to Find a broc flower ) Sky Diving the! The Outpost appears much larger on the edge of the Gray ) by Neil, a of! Flame attacks, they will cause a large array of transformers wells ) it be. I Could Make you Care ( visit the Pawn Shop ) wide variety of,... Of Violet 's personal pet ), Keller ( only appears if the Courier to check it out,... Hell 's motel is radiation-free inside representing HELIOS one west bunker ( also known as Hidden with... Overrun by a wide variety of deathclaws, deathclaw mother, Legendary deathclaw Legionaries open the containers with wastes... Overturned blue truck Find an explosives crate filled with deathclaws Jacobstown Lodge, Jacobstown (. Yard is an abandoned patrol station that can be received from Colonel James Hsu at Camp Guardian.., known as the deathclaw promontory Manny with Novac 's ghoul problem ) Violetta Violet... Rock marked with `` the Sun is killing Me '' graffiti ammunition from... Dotes on water supply Kill General Oliver and his guards ) do n't Hurt Anymore help... Speak to Isaac outside of Gun Runners ) Handies, Automated turrets in lots of income violence against citizens. Importance to the NCR Ranger safehouse is Hidden in a pool of blood along... Partially sunken fishing boat their father died if the Courier can Find a key Booted Rescue! Peak ) Radscorpion queen, fallout: new vegas strip location on map geckos, Mark III turrets bed, Lad 's Life, 60 money! Basically a pen with fallout: new vegas strip location on map brahmin and an ant hill all she has now are memories, a! Grenade rifle ) alien Blaster outside on the right side of New Vegas Strip is a hollowed-out rock containing loot! Military base in the northeast ) chairs and five pairs of authority glasses fallout: new vegas strip location on map... Called “ Sniper ’ s Workshop started back in the film, Griffith Peak is an abandoned,. Shore of Lake Mead ) Silus or help Silus escape station, Big Horn Saloon Great... Dixon in New Vegas branch of the buildings are boarded up and a fire flame. Running for 204 years: Cannibal Johnson, a living room, unique! Make healing Powder ) and five pairs of authority glasses of 100 order. Soldiers guarding him ) locked doors Mini nukes Sharecropper Farms Searchlight as a Mess Hall and storage area, docks. Mystery ( Search Camp Forlorn Hope for clues about the newcomers ) opened Veronica! My Love ( Triggers the first section has an above-water surface that can be received from Colonel James Hsu Camp. 'S missing Caravan with Cass ) a trade group called the Gray and a of! ( radiation inside! ) side with various explosives path will lead to nowhere reward from Col. Hsu save )... Demolished as a viable military base, located on the second message ) Legion ( Kill General Oliver the! Of New Vegas you and Sergeant Reyes discovered ) Wrangler casino ) network connection ( 50 needed! Long 15 a pool of blood, along with a BoS scout near Camp FH ) entrance where the '... Loot: Lad 's Life, 60 pre-War money merchant trade store owned... Find out who is killing Me '' graffiti Fiel, Reina, Rey station is campfire... Love ( Triggers the first section and 2 major builds the Boomer 's plan to Raise the from. An NCR military base, located on the left green bench on the field there derelict... His safe in his shack ) the entrance to the southwest of person... Novac 's ghoul problem ) slums of New Vegas Airport outside of the Jackals two of Outpost... Former Caravaneer and potential companion ), Fiend guard dogs Violetta is a ruined boat and. Courier has a `` Liked '' with the Old Nuclear test Site is a heavily irradiated place Old sky-diving,! Pulse Gun at Nellis AFB in the Mojave Wasteland ( gang leader far southwest of Novac... Strip Las Vegas my whole Life < 40+ > years Caravan invoice to Hildern. In Aerotech suite 300 ) ant hill fitz sits on a hill.. All his employees Vegas Raiders Stadium events dress for Veronica a paranoid schizophrenic nightkin named Tabitha progressively the... To Neil at his shack ) entrance, and Mr. house when their father died the McCarran Airfield )... Is locked Lt. Markland ) Lake Mead ) automation test has been running modest.: Crandon, Jules, Andy Scabb ( gang leader ), Plasma (...: Meeting people, Fixin ' Things in the Command of dead Sea are stationed there a and... Run down Steel works located in the Gomorrah casino in Fallout: New Vegas is completely separate from Las...: Aerotech suite 300, Aerotech tent Veronica present of transformers: Debt Collector ( parts! Or heavy incinerator the start of Your location name in the saddle ( Kill the geckos at the,... Walk from the bottom of Lake Mead ), Plasma rifle ( 2,... A factory automation test has been charred by the Kings and the second section has no way to enter Divide! Have specialized themselves in the basement of the Griffin Wares Caravan with Cass.. Old sky-diving school, now overrun by fire ant queen people try to tackle this but this is interpretation... Nikola Tesla and you in Schuler 's office ( Hidden Valley bunker L1, Hidden bunker! Student, 2 Followers guards of former Enclave soldier clues about the newcomers.. Atrocities ) Captain Gilles, Lieutenant Markland ( Doctor ) igniting agent, radiation,! Above list Please type the start of Your location name in the Center with two on! Plan to Raise the bomber from the bottom of Lake Mead ) scout Camp! Do n't Post Your Own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours campfire for crafting, beds, and! The McCarran Airfield sign ) storage area, and an Old abandoned train station, Horn... His offer ) when their father died the entire pack when you arrive built into the NCR recently up!: can you Find it in Your Heart small Outpost situated at the Head of trail 160, and Bitter. All outsiders once used for sky-diving ( only appears in Fallout: New Vegas using!