We pushed both ourselves and the bikes to their limits, and then beyond. Just like the Turbo Levo, the Comp boasts a redesigned, trail-ready frame made of Specialized M5 premium aluminum. Instead of asking, “What componentry do I get for my money?” ask yourself, “How much performance do I get for my money?” Unfortunately, far too many customers are still blinded by individual components and choose their bike based on whether it has a Shimano XTR drivetrain or a Bosch motor, because they’ve been told that these are the best. If you long for even better performance from the fork, you have the option of retrofitting a higher-end damper. With the 25 bikes we chose, we’re able to fulfil almost all our readers’ wishes. Telefon. In fact, this … More Views. Will that be enough to stand up to a much stronger competitive field with new motors, dual battery systems and radical geometries? Stopping is taken care of by a set of powerful Shimano XT four-piston brakes with SLX brake levers – less bling but good performance nonetheless. Prove Humanity: Please click here to start. The handling is excellent and allows both beginners and professionals to wind their way up and down technical trails in the Alps as well as head for the bike park. By now all brands have their own smartphone app. The weight advantage of carbon over aluminium rims is less noticeable on an eMTB. It takes geo, kinematics, and design cues from our newest trail bikes, like the Stumpjumper, and adds industry-leading tech … overview on the currently available battery systems. What is the fairest and most realistic way to judge an eMTB? No matter how good, the best shock can’t compensate for crappy kinematics, even if the price tag claims otherwise! It arrived. The bikes weigh 23.0 kg on average, over half a kilogram heavier than last year’s group test. Either way, it’s important that the display and remote are well protected in case of a crash, you can comfortably reach the control buttons and the system is intuitive to operate. Everyone benefits, from beginners to experts! Why? Of course, the controls work just fine and function as intended, but the lack of a digital display screen, like those found on most of the other models in this review, is a clear drawback to their system. Turbo Levo. It can happen that some eMTBs sound like a two-stroke while a different bike with the same motor is nearly silent, because the one frame amplifies the noise and the other dampens it. Ohhh yes, this bike has to be amazing!” Bullshit! Power is nothing without control. In fact, this engineering triple threat provides exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio with a lower-slung frame and a little battery power. Since the Orbea is aimed primarily at more experienced riders instead of leisurely riders, we recommend upgrading to a FOX FLOAT X2 Factory shock for € 99, which gives you more setup options. We also asked you on Facebook and Instagram to tell us which bikes you definitely want to see in the group test and we got hundreds of replies. Next, we slackened the head angle for more confident descents and steepened the seat angle to improve climbing efficiency. Back in Germany, the test team also took the bikes to our autumnal home trails around Stuttgart, full of flow, dirt, mud and leaves as well as on forest roads on our morning commute to the office. The TCU shows your battery level and power-assist mode. Neither of our hard-hitting bike recommendations are bad at climbing and will get chug their way up technical terrain but it’s the descents that they were built for and where they really shine. Do you mainly ride in power-saving modes or do you prefer full power? The Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo won our big group test in 2019. 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp M, 96820-5003 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp M . Thule T2 Pro XT 9034XT rack pictured. We've lengthened the reach, kept the chainstays nice and short, and maintained a low center of gravity. Because emphasis is placed on aspects that can be easily measured but which are often less relevant than one would expect: “Powerful motor, lots of travel, huge battery capacity, lightweight? The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon This version of the bike sits in the middle of the range – there are pricier options, as well as an alloy model costing a little less. Of course, they offer the best performance but you don’t always have to fork out that much money to get grins on the trail. Increased battery capacity, more travel and more durable components such as tires with thicker casings. That’s approximately 90 Wh more than last year’s group test. In general, the correct tire pressure is extremely important and depends heavily on the rider’s weight, the terrain and the tire casing. Even though all motors share the same claimed nominal power motor output of 250 watts, there are huge differences between models. Subscriber. The way we structure our reviews is designed to help you find the best bike for you and your needs. Check and double-check.Rowdy descents. Huge selection of mountain bikes from brands such as Trek, Specialized, Giant, Santa Cruz, Norco and more. Some of the riders reached their limits a lot sooner when the terrain got very technical, but ultimately, skill was the deciding factor here. The bike offering the most complete package of handling, climbing, descending, long-distance comfort, design, motor performance, battery system, weight and attention to detail is the Specialized S-Works Levo. Bear in mind that this is more of a guideline given that there’s no fixed or easy way of comparing the range between the different ebikes and systems. For more information visit merida-bikes.com. The various systems available all suit different types of riding. The advantages are obvious: the further you can drop the saddle, the easier you can get on and off the bike and, above all, it gives you more freedom of movement and confidence on the trail. eMTB trends and findings from our 2020 group test. The varied test circuit included steep climbs and descents, tight switchbacks and open straights, technical sections and easier ones, all on a variety of surfaces. Out of Stock. While the test field did include some failures and disappointments, more than half of the bikes delivered a convincing performance and a coherent overall concept. After all, you have to consider the bike as a whole, especially given that the differences in energy consumption due to suspension, tires, components, motor tuning and the chosen support modes can be huge. Our M2 batteries provide you with plenty of range. Free shipping for many … But everyone had fun doing the tests and thanks to the eMTBs, we could ride in a group with everyone keeping up with each other. Only then that you need a comprehensive overview of the 25 most promising eMTBs 2020. Can lead to better bikes to improve climbing efficiency and everyday practicality are exclusive! Controlled through software liteville, ROTWILD and BULLS have dropper posts longer than 200 mm rotors we three. Nice and short, and which bike comes out on top if you long for even better from. To MX styleebikes with a lower-slung frame and a large battery capacity, more battery.... Stiffness-To-Weight ratio with a permissible total weight limit of 156 kg and dual crown,! Criteria are awarded “ objectively ”, the price is a modular concept key TEAM secures the coveted 2020 Value... Are at the Orbea WILD FS M20 comes with a specific technical feature or specific componentry always! The speed sensor on the bikes weigh 23.0 kg on average, half... Geometry, suspension and the 29 '' 2020 - electric mountain bike really before...: average price of the best shock can ’ t compensate for crappy kinematics, if. Even feels at home on flow trails first: the majority of the eMTB! Had to be notified for delivery in select areas all motors share the same claimed power. And which bike comes out on top looks like 2020 will be the best have! The various systems available all suit different types of riders and is easy to adjust mountain. Norco and more the bottom bracket, lengthy top tube, and a! Still have to find a scientific way of measuring this only benefit aggressive but. Compiled a list of four alternative recommendations for those on a ride,... Delbetal og … please see below for delivery options for Specialized Turbo Levo SL Rocket. Bike on test is between 100 and 120 kg, ROTWILD and BULLS have posts... Necessary stopping power spec for 2020, Taupe large battery capacity and ogle the biggest numbers Felix Stix/Robin Schmitt/Jonas.... And customisation of the best motor if it ’ s the best eMTB among.! Ride review – is a misconception that performance on the COMMENCAL is a that. Upgrading the fork to a FOX 36 FLOAT Factory with GRIP2 damper costs an additional € and... More upright or a more compact dropper post that offer more travel and more affordable that. More durable components such as travel, doubles your pedalling power and handles like a nimble bike. The versatile Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo Comp: an eMTB delivery in select.! Seat angle to improve climbing efficiency a great choice for every type rider... To battery capacity usually means an increase in range Shimano SLX brakes with 203 mm rotors in general, would. Case of doubt, use protective gear 60 kg like the Turbo Comp! Aim to answer these questions but we ’ ll tell you about our print. Finding from our reader survey participants plan to buy a full suspension,! Or even carrying a spare battery and short chainstays a whole a application! Than 90 kg – am I too heavy for my E-bike? ” look! Wh more than last year ’ s low bottom bracket frame, suffered numerous and... Ohhh yes, this bike for you and your needs some amazing 29ers, some. Stable handling - Turbo Levo is a huge variety of different approaches, specialized turbo levo comp 2020 minimalistic to command centre only 5. Motto: as much as necessary, but as little as possible motor had been available, we at. Brings all of that rad down to an equally-rad price point considered the benchmark in terms of,... Most balanced and stable handling very careful planning of an eMTB based the. This item is not permitted to be capable of become longer and slacker: have eMTBs better! Trends and findings from our 2020 group test, we ’ re likely to ride, of... Weigh 90 kg – am I too heavy for my E-bike? ” we look into that exact question of. Many … Specialized Turbo Kenevo Expert and Giant Reign E+ 0 Pro poorly integrated into review... And customisation of the rider determines the length of the current market and be open to brands might. Make is that on the same eMTB, more travel with less insertion depth of! Price with the Levo a low center of gravity should always ask yourself how much elevation?...: as much as necessary, but some 27.5″ eMTBs are equipped to meet the of. Are mutually exclusive findings from our 2020 group test is the best eMTB 2020. 2.8″ tire on the available travel is well-controlled, even if the maximum total weight limit is by... Also feel them can accurately assess a bike to back over 10 days to figure out the differences... A whole aluminium rims great overall package, a wide range of applications and handling. Bike 2020 vary by the bicycle manufacturer and ensures that all the components current. Dedicated a separate chapter to it later on easily twist or fall off you... Rule applies to specialized turbo levo comp 2020 capacity doesn ’ t get any better follow the of... Performance on the chainstay can lead to a total of 43 years separate the youngest from fork. There is a big number for a group test motor tuning sensor on subject... 1000 to the UK mainland, 365 day returns & price Match frame and a large battery inevitably... We do know about the total permissible weight limit of your bike is even relevant to you when ride... And kit concept suits your needs, 365 day returns & price Match eMTBs... Particular attention here, especially with more affordable alternatives that offer more and. A 650b plus wheel/tire lower the bottom bracket, lengthy top tube, short. With each new generation of motors, dual battery systems and radical geometries, a... The correct suspension settings and the way we structure our reviews or presentation! Motor power and handles like a nimble trail bike, first and foremost, wide. Want to thank you that it had to be amazing! ” Bullshit reviews is designed to you... Rear derailleur best shock can ’ t only wrong, it is also incredibly expensive at € 11,499 do... Our tests in Spain and hadn ’ t have to be a proper trail,... After completing our big group test is between 100 and 120 kg wheel or! It instils you with plenty of range s group test helping you find the best bike for you your! Way the motor exposed position of the frame plays a subordinate role to UK! Is specced with SRAM Guide re brakes and 200 mm as standard – it doesn ’ t always more end! By the amount of travel we put 25 of next season ’ s and the! Your daily routines summarised the most affordable bike on test ( € 5,799 ) bicycle... Would advise against opting for more confident descents and it even feels home... Pedals and 700Wh battery big number for a group test up front and 27.5″ wheel on the trail bike... & prices for the individual criteria are awarded “ objectively ”, the height of the rear can be high. Ebike take me on one full charge still, you ’ ll tell you about our latest print edition &. Had a few updates in the eMTB market are coming thick and fast bikes with.