Thursday, November 5, 2020. There are tons of online services that make custom T-shirt a lot easier. Starting this business you would need to get the necessary training, define your target market. Also helping property sellers and landlords find buyers or tenants for a fee. See the online businesses that made me a millionaire in 2 years, 50 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria - SmartNaira. It is in demand every day. This article will inform you about the Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria which are making millions every month to owners. Bloggers make money through direct advertisement, ad networks, affiliate marketing, product sales, sponsored post, partnerships and many more. Spice it up. The market is big. Top Profitable Business Ideas You can start in Nigeria In 2020 – The year 2020 is a historic year as marked the beginning of a new decade, a new beginning comes with new opportunities and from my experience in business trends in Nigeria opportunities are unlimited.. in this article, I am going to explore possible profitable business ideas to watch out for in 2020: I remember some years back at my office a vendor took her business differently by packaging a decent plate of a meal for us at the office at Ikeja, Lagos. The business is highly lucrative. This is a really well written article. You can establish a simple place where you provide services to customers or you can also travel to customers with your extensive supply. This requires that you are not only just a chicken or Turkey farmer but an entrepreneur as well. As the population of Nigeria continues to increase, the need for housing continues … With the above many points, it is very clear; the best business ideas in Nigeria can take effect and grow over time. Then build a network of event planners and organizers. Living without a means of income is suicidal. You can supply cooking gas to retailers or you become a retailer and refill gas for end users. You are sure of counting your money in millions. All courses are video-based. There are several online learning platforms to share your skills. I believe a Nigerian can make a … Pingback: 50 Most Lucrative Business Ideas In Nigeria - SmartNaira. Perhaps, you can teach them something they need to know and you get paid for it – to me is a good business idea in Nigeria! Top List ️ . Amazingly today, there are matches almost every day of the week. Millions of Nigerians have to eat to survive; therefore starting a farming business ensures profitability for years to come. Running your own business gives you a bigger opportunity to become rich. You can be certified as a yoga instructor and can build yoga classes. Hotel business is very lucrative and cannot be overlooked among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Speaker and authour. I remember starting a game shop during the ASUU strike in my year 2 at the University of Jos. If anyone orders, the supplier will ship to them and you get your money! Due to the low production of rice and local farmers are unable to meet up the needed demand. I see opportunities for this now and then, especially in Lagos where everyone seems never to have time. There are many companies around the world who imports palm oil from Nigeria. You can start a video blog on YouTube and focus on your favourite subject. You make money from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship and many more. It all depends on your capacity. You may need to connect with lots of events planners so that any equipment you have for rent gets busy every week. I’ll be grateful if you can properly guide me to my dreams land, Hope to hear from you soon, thanks blogger, Wow thumbs up for the good ideas, please I want to know how I can advertise my goods on Facebook. All the best in your business endeavours. I have discovered that I have this gift of making people happy by providing services (suppier) like cleaning, driving, and also helping them getting the right prices for iteams without being paid officially or discusing prices. Companies need furniture. People will always need a roof over their heads. This makes it a very important and strategic business. You can read: How to get a loan from the Bank of Agriculture. But if you are smart, you can start your own business. If you consider starting a business and maintaining it, then you have a great chance to make good money out of it. Read more here: How to start cattle farming business in Nigeria. The love for football in Nigeria is overwhelming, hence football viewing centres have become a lucrative business in Nigeria today. People seat on furniture, sleep on furniture. There are no mincing words about it. Read more here: How to start cassava farming business in Nigeria, Chicken meat, Turkey meat and others are very popular among Nigerians, especially during festive seasons. Event planning is a big deal in Nigeria today. Because of the risky nature and low competition, this business is very lucrative! Also helping property sellers and landlords find buyers or tenants for a fee. You can start small and grow! You can start small and grow! When you run your own business, you are building a brand. When started as small business, it usually requires little capital investment. A lot of people have dogs they don’t have time to cater for. The joy of employing people and giving them a means to survive should be a big motivation for everyone with a good heart to venture into business. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Advantages of starting a business in Nigeria, How to get a loan from the Bank of Agriculture, How to start cattle farming business in Nigeria, How to start palm oil business in Nigeria, How to start cassava farming business in Nigeria, How to start poultry farming business in Nigeria, How to create a blog in less than 20 minutes, How to start a real estate business in Nigeria, How to start pure water business in Nigeria, How to create online shop very easily with Shopify. only one designer’s collection is sold there), or sell a mix of designers’ labels that are in demand in the local market. It is a delicate business but can yield double to triple the amount invested in it within a short period of time. Cow milk is almost as treasured as oil in Nigeria. You can even start by babysitting or even as a nanny. Mr Bigg’s is owned by United African Company of Nigeria (UAC), you can apply to them for a franchise opportunity. This list of business ideas in Nigeria is made up of authentic business ideas, not just some randomly selected junk businesses, they are time tested, carefully selected, high performing businesses … As people move to cities, this business keeps booming. Plus the only thing that is booming now is the creative industry. You can go into fashion designing and make amazing clothes. Millions of Nigerians have ventured into one business or the other in recent times. The industry is defined as single-establishment stores only. The event planning industry is the fastest growing business all over the world. Fashion business is very much in demand. Some other businesses can start as employees or trainees, and then gradually build skills and experience before hitting a business opportunity in Nigeria. Agriculture is the next revolutionary industry in Nigeria where million are currently being made. In this case, you have to first identify your market and feed them with their needs. Every sign of a healthy, thriving economy can be seen in a good business in Nigeria. Beef meat is very popular in Nigeria. Blogging business has definitely earned its place among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. Hi Babatunde, thanks for dropping a comment. You find a lot of who have worked for many years without promotion, but no one can deny you that in your own business. With few millions of Naira, you can start a petrol station. You can start your own baking business today and be sure to make lots of profit in the long run. Everyone today must come to terms that “It’s not what is done but how it is done” that makes the difference. To supplement your income, your hotels should have event hall where people rent for events. With so many people spending most of their time on social media, social media marketing has to be among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. People are always moving. Nice list, so many options to choose from. Dropshipping business is a very lucrative business. No boss can walk up tomorrow and tell you “you are fired!” There is job security. Am really excited that you are looking to start a profitable business in Nigeria in 2020. For beginners with the right skill set, but without a lot of capital and business experience, here is a list of business ideas in Nigeria, I mean a lucrative business in Nigeria. With the rise of technology, many of these most profitable businesses fall under the realm of online business ideas—but not all of them. But is it really worth it? The market is huge and demand is high. Furniture business is deservedly among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. That makes this business very profitable, because you will always have buyers. Many business lenders give lots of preference to the agriculture sector. There is no way food business will not be among the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. With as little as N50,000 saved using a platform like PiggyVest, you are good to go. Read: How to start a real estate business in Nigeria. If you can find an excellent location, acquire the right skills and personnel, you can run a successful food business. Internet scientist and blog expert. I have a neighbour that pays 20k monthly to someone that calls himself a vet, just because he knows how to take care of his dogs. It is already an over flogged point that number one panacea for the country’s underdevelopment is real diversification from oil (which is currently Nigeria’s economic mainstay) into farming. For paid you will have options to run ads with social media, sponsored post on blogs, social media influencers, PPC, SEM etc. Plus the only thing that is booming now is the creative industry. However, states like Lagos have been doing a lot to encourage proper waste disposal and management. This information is timely for me, am motivated. It will trigger more incentives for this sector. This business is very lucrative in the city. I love that. Hello, A very nice to read from a young enterprising man with great vision for a better tomorrow in blogging business, Thumbs up. And as the government is continually looking to diversify from oil, their major focus is on agriculture. More and more people prefer to read news online than newspapers. If you are skilled as a musician, you can create a business where you play in events or places and earn a part of ticket sales or business. Parties are big deals in Nigeria, needless to say, the sequel to this, rental services has become a lucrative business in Nigeria today. As long as this trend continues, this business will continue to dominate. Fastest Growing Businesses In Nigeria . Is it really possible to make a living online? Starting a business or better still, entrepreneurship is the way to go in Nigeria with our current economic realities. And even employing others. If you want to spend time outside and want to provide services to hotels or private houses, pool cleaning is another beautiful direct service around which you can make a business. Making money from sport is the easiest lately. You can also specialize: children cloths, babies cloth, female, wedding, African print and so on. What is basic and constant in all are “Ideas”. Waste management is another business with a lot of future potentials because Nigerians are yet to imbibe the habit of proper waste disposal. Providing tuition services to students can be a direct way of starting your first business. After reading through all your write up my spirit is lifted, Pls help me cos am a bit confused, I like or rather lo e anything clothing most especially male wears but I really do not know how to go about it selling in social media and where to buy from in less prices(wholesale). Clothing stores (boutiques) can be strictly designer based (i.e. The huge recurring bill from cable TV has made it compulsory for a large percentage of football-loving fans to patronize any local viewing centre around. I wanted to ask you something though… I was curious your thoughts on learning how to be a business owner. For free which is usually the hardest, you would have rely on Search engines (SEO), social media, forums, comment sections, video marketing with YouTube etc. Read: How to make money on YouTube. With over 150 million people in Nigeria on the move, this business is lucrative. There are a lot of people who love games, me inclusive. 1. Many people are so focused on Petrol that they over look cooking gas. Pick one of the business ideas, improve upon what has been offered in the industry, create a better product/service and in no time you will have a strong brand and you start creating passive income as well. Investment Banking; There is a surge in the level of investment coming into Africa from other lands. We have loads of them on social media. Self-publishing is a big industry right now, thank God for a platform like Okada Books in Nigeria today. All you have to do is open an online store, then copy inventory from manufacturers or suppliers and put them in your online shop. ! Pls I have a very complicated issue right now. Palm oil is gold. So many business ideas around public speaking that can be harnessed like selling your books, courses, workshops, etc. There is too much competition at the workplace. It may seem like its good business ideas or best small ideas, but they are not. The business ideas we list on this page can be ventured into with small capital or big capital. If you have some writing skills, then you can start a writing business very easily by providing your services to businesses on a freelance basis. Food supply business is lucrative. Thanks Goodness for the kind words. Login Login with … Writing a book is not an easy venture. You can work as an agent. Thanking you for your help. And because of poor electricity supply we depend on fuel for electricity. Helping people find properties and an apartment for a fee or commission. The answer is obvious, start charging for your services. There are lots of CVs and Resume flying around, creating a directory online can be a step in the right direction. Your email address will not be published. Please,how do I get traffic if I’m doing affiliating marketing?. Tags: Hot lucrative Business Ideas. This is a business that, if you run well, can make you rich. Radio is coming to the internet and when it does, podcasters will be ahead, that is why it is an awesome business opportunity in Nigeria. The restaurant that serves these kinds of meals attract high worth individuals, foreigners and celebrities. The most successful small business ideas in Nigeria come from people who work for someone and they believe they can do better. Another most profitable small business in 2020 is auto repair. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. She supplies food at conferences, seminars, bank’s AGM and so on. The answer is yes. But one thing is certain, Oil and gas remains one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. One of the fast business opportunities in Nigeria is livestock farming. Kindly provide correct details so we can send the guide correctly. Things like rice, beans, … 3 Lucrative Business Ideas For Nigerians In 2020 [Motivational Video] What a beautiful write up , thanks for the motivative information. This is a business without season. It’s a lucrative business idea for me. Anyone who taps into this business will be making a huge income. You can open a local restaurant that appeals to a particular set of food eaters. My advice is that you engage someone you know have done the business before for some tips. Top 10 lucrative business ideas in Nigeria 2020 conclusion. If you have an eye for fashion, then you can begin to work on delving into the fashion industry. Read: Lucrative Online Businesses In Nigeria To Make Money (2020 List) Untapped Business Ideas in Nigeria 10. Most Profitable Small Businesses in 2020. If you find a good location with minimal or no competition, you will make so much money. If you can create your online network or viewers related to a particular topic, you can start working with different brands as an affiliate and earn a part of every sale of your sale. Now my problem is how do I post on YouTube and monetize it. You can supply cooking gas to retailers or you become a retailer and refill gas for end users. Furniture is an essential commodity. One of the amazing parts of this is mastering the skill of sewing isn’t much of a big deal. If not for how expensive internet data is in Nigeria, a lot of people will have ignored their TV and watch almost everything online. Blogging is a good way to showcase your expertise and also attract people that needs them. This business is very lucrative. Also approach schools, companies and so on. You can start from distributing kerosene in your area, and grow into a big oil and gas merchandise. If nothing sells especially in Nigeria, food will sell. Please I’ve been so eager to know how to run a YouTube channel for my stylish profession. This is one of those business ideas in Nigeria, people do not take seriously, once this is creative, it sells. This business is very lucrative, and it does not cost much to start. Tags: Make Money Online Tips and tutorial. I hope this helps. I have friends who have thrown away their certificates and within a few months, they are already in the business of sewing. If you are not interested in a carpentry shop, you can open a showroom and source for well-made furniture from good carpenters around. Oil and Gas business The simple truth is that Nigeria and to a large extend, the world, still depends on oil and gas. You can even sell your ebook on your blog or website. Again farming is lucrative in Nigeria because of the looming population vis a vis our production rate. For those who enjoy working with antiques, you can start a business where customers can bring their items to you for repair or renovation. This is an untapped business in Nigeria. Look at this way, we depend on gas or kerosene to cook. Apart from Mr. Bigg’s, you can open any franchise of your choice. A lot of people are so focused on Petrol that they overlook cooking gas. Most of the things you use from cream to soup and many more are made from palm oil. If you enjoy spending time with four-legged friends, you can start a business that offers dog-driven services to pet owners who do not have enough time to run regularly. People will always wear clothes. SHARES. Here are the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria: 1. by carrying your products to places they are needed. Managing social media accounts can earn six figures monthly. Introduction. 10 Most Lucrative Businesses in Nigeria. There are many opportunities in the real estate business. The current pandemic has put on hold or crashed many businesses in Nigeria, as have many other factors which have been prevalent in the country for some time now, like the issue of power supply. You will also get to see Business Opportunities in Agriculture Sector, Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas, a brief overview of Online Farming in Nigeria and How To Set Agro Business Plan.. This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria today. Every developing city in the world has demand for a convenient transport system for easy day-to-day running. Photography is now a big industry today, you will need to be highly creative to create a niche, and also learn the business angle of it. I really need help on how to make THIS work I.e, turn my passion into a lucrative business that I can earn a living from. Even those with cooking gas use kerosene powered stove as back up. You can take it a step ahead by having a beauty studio. Baking is another lucrative business in Nigeria in 2020. With increasing number of cars on the road, it is safe to say that they would require repair at some point of their useful life. Profitable business ideas in Nigeria 2020. Here are some opportunities in food business: Nigerians love big brands like Mr. Bigg’s and co. People are always moving! As the population continues to increase, and as status increases, real estate business will continue to boom. Back in the day, almost all females could dress hair, who would have thought it would become a huge market today? With the right thought and determination, they can fulfil their own small business to make their dreams come true. Raw Food Stuff Business This is one profitable business that can bring in good returns on investment in Nigeria. Yoga is gaining more and more acceptance every passing day and I see a big market come out of it in the nearest future.