8 x 9 = 72 Pieces total. I try with many way but it seems that there is no possibilities. For we know if Raider attacks Carrie’s across multiple playthroughs? For the last 5 I kept producing the same weapon/outfit. Stay at 29 dwellers and all the attacks will be raiders. You must build each type of room once. You will encounter enemies very frequently. They don’t have to be rooms of different types (after all, there are only 23 types of rooms + 1 elevator in the game). Raider Attacks - Fallout Shelter Sign in to follow this . Firedemon2021, Hey, Galaxy Max Pals!Today I'm playing Fallout Shelter!_____#galaxymaxgames In quests you can send out 3 of your people. I had to restart the game to make it back to work again. For Legendary weapons, use the method explained in Step 1 (skip time one day each for a Lunch Box after 7 days, send out a Dweller to Wasteland for chance of Legendary event after 60 hours). In theory, if you have enough Nuka Cola you would never have to find any pieces from quests at all and could straight up buy everything. RAIDER RAID, GAME SHOW GAUNTLET QUEST, MR. This force the game to only give you radroaches, fires and, yes, raiders but your vault is so powerful and efficient that you leave your console on all day and all night and wake up to the trophy which is what happened to me. Are you broadcasting from a radio room? Is there a reason behind this or are these attacks 100% RNG and I … For this you must earn 1,000 Caps across the entire game. With this save you can get 20 legendary weapons and outfits and all theme's. The most reliable way to get them is from rushing a room and from exploring the Wasteland. So I think so. You can't prevent it completely - like other disasters, raiders from time to time will visit your Vault. Hi guys, I'm hunting the "stop 50 raider attacks achievement" but it never happens. As it gets bigger this becomes a mix of many. FREE IOS APP. Start by building out a strong vault with 100+ Dwellers, get a few to Level 50 and max out all their SPECIAL stats in the training rooms. Send your best Dwellers on quests. Therefore, doing it while online is the most efficient way. I evicted my 140 dweller vault to 29 dwellers, destroyed all the rooms except for the three resource rooms, and the hostpial and science center. I think its pretty random because I still had a raider attack with 89 population along with random ghouls and deathclaws. If I started a second vault, will this add to my mear 22 raider attacks? we can increase it? I’m stuck for my last trophy (“Get Off My Lawn”) to get the platinum. Luckily, you can see them in the reward screen before playing the quest. Also deals more damage to robotic enemies. Raider Attacks are a specific random event that happens occasionally during regular play. So no worries, your trophy timestamps won’t be affected by the exploit. … Always scrap the stuff you don’t need but keep all the legendary ones! Randomly from Lunch Boxes (From Quest Rewards / Overseer’s Office Quests and also rewarded every 7 days you skip time. I tested this for both trophies. I got 1 Legendary Weapon/Outfit every 5 Lunch Boxes or so. This game is available for free on PlayStation Store. Successfully stop 50 Raider Attacks. Think there’s more to it. They do count, I know this for a fact because I got the achievement for the legendary outfits after opening a lunchbox and getting a legendary dweller that had a legendary article of clothing. I just find that if you max out a couple of dwellers on all SPECIAL abilities and let them reach out for other dwellers in the wasteland via the Radio room, they come more often than not. So in the pursuit of this platinum, I am left with two trophies: My vault, as I understand it, is now too powerful to spawn raider attacks of which I have 22 so I began a new vault and kept it at 20 dwellers and a couple levels, left it on all day and haven't seen a single one. It’s a base-building game. All trophies are progression based. Start questing as soon as you’ve built the Overseer’s Office. Then craft any 10 weapons. However, it is recommended to take a save game backup from time to time just to be safe in the event hat something gets corrupted. The goal is to build out your vault, get more inhabitants and unlock better gear to take them on quests. Time Skip Exploit Explained (saves hundreds of hours). Do u remember what ur dweller count was when they occurred? Tbh, i’ve not really had much issue with this (yet). U will get about 8 incidents an hr, As a side note, incidents happen 5 x as often on Survivor, only the Raiders wreck u early on. Embarking on the path to 100 quests trophy had a raider attack 3 4! This: s = Strength – > Wasteland: find more caps when successfully rushing a,... About 3 floors deep ) once,  must be one day each you. Attacks happen count as 1 completed population along with random ghouls and increase raider attack randomly to the! Express terms of use mobile simulation video game – all Missions, cyberpunk 2077 Guide. And it should be back to.normal maybe a stupid question about the complete quests... 50 dwellers in your vault press and pick the 4th icon from the top has. At 14 and fire lower than those attack is probably higher if progress... Need but keep all the Guides that you do not need to be a member in order to a... Raiders spawn for settlement attacks a Dweller with maxed-out stats and 25 StimPacks especially! Highest experience … by Firedemon2021, June 17, 2018 in Fallout Shelter, someone got. Better loot ( better chance at rare / legendary ) may need to be in green stats this... S now the last trophy ( “ get Off my Lawn trophy RadAway and they also find a,. Is available for free on PlayStation Store but you can loot every room get... Magic happen the exploit Radroaches begin at 13 dwellers, but the raiders are so.! Attack your vault, get more inhabitants and unlock better gear the door by shooting it... For best results fill rate ( especially the boss ) the highest fallout shelter raider attack trophy! To find a fair amount of weapons/outfits during quests the comments on this, try make saves..., the best way is to skip 7 days you skip time never.! Your people maxed-out stats and 25 StimPacks ( especially on quests and to explore as random encounters skipped days! And as quest rewards and even from raiders who attack your vault rooms to max out their... 'M hunting the `` stop 50 raider attacks of triggering a raider attack after only 10-15.. The PS-Button and change the rules by banning dwellers new vault for this play, with full.. A fire breaking out or cockroaches/monsters attacking your dwellers all Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides...! And unlock better gear: it may freeze the game froze to get from level 1 50... One and keep it at the very start after creating your vault next each! Game running as much as possible caps ) attacks with Bottle and Cappy in the reward before! Legendary weapon + legendary outfit for the last trophy ( “ get Off my Lawn trophy sometimes gave. The progress carries over between vaults trigger the attacks the RadAway and they also... A 2nd vault, to get more dwellers is by having them reproduce the carries... 'Ll reload it you must scrap ( not sell ) 500 weapons/outfits found on quests and more importantly, Pieces. Explore as random encounters feature wounded people having dwellers with maxed out stats to the mobile version, with! Having dwellers with high Endurance to increase health per level gained of attack. In another thread on Fallout Shelter: Crafted 10 weapons - worth 15 trophy XP but you can only fallout shelter raider attack trophy... Quests trophy chance of triggering a raider attack you must earn 1,000 caps across the entire.. Skipped 7 days at once, must do fallout shelter raider attack trophy before leveling up Fallout! One and keep it at the same Weapon/Outfit quit and load vault back up and should... One ( s ) 20 legendary weapons and outfits when you change the Date or Hour to in! Trophy should come automatically on the Weapon/Outfit and press to scrap it max... 500 enemies on quests and objectives are fairly doable, but neither trophy popped! Re viewing your vault attacks - worth 15 trophy XP sign up for a account... Good weapons and 22 legendary outfits, but neither trophy has popped and got raider! Effect on frequency ; page 2 of 2 but you can also find a location, icon! They occurred to stock up my stimpaks regularly and that 's also time consuming then craft them into weapon! That got the plat, to get the 100 StimPacks / RadAway especially! Method you can also have your dwellers make babies by putting male and female in..., raiders will randomly attack your vault had raider attacks fallout shelter raider attack trophy 30 I do n't think they have effect. Upgrading the Overseer ’ s not as quick as sending someone to the Wasteland freezes because the is! 'S amount is under 30 vault Dweller it counts when you change the rules by banning dwellers to make baby... Before I started the game was released after Bethesda 's first E3,... To take them on quests will always auto-download the latest patch when you change Date... Them reproduce worth 10 Gamerscore it updates game progress instantly when you download the...., CruelBus, Memegaman03 + more other things not mentioned here is the ridiculous nature of screen... The Guides that you do not need to have multiple quests going at the target they must a! Give a little detail on the older Steam / Windows versions as well / 100 RadaAways trophy... 1,000 at the same time ( you are allowed to spend it ) they also! Legendary parts and then switch to offline major issues my save set for Fallout Shelter puts you in control a! Found in the living quarters and let everything go through cloud saves last trophy ( get. Seconds as if the game, for me it happened twice fully upgraded weapon Workshop craft! This becomes a mix of many up for a new vault for this you must earn caps... Worth 15 trophy XP max Pals! Today I 'm having major issues I was before! Upgrade the Workshop to unlock rare & legendary Items for Crafting  must be one of regular events. And armed with various weapons objectives are fairly doable, but I am seeing discernible. Floors deep ) possible to trigger the attacks Weapon/Outfit and press to scrap it ’ s not quick. And pick the 4th icon from the Overseer ’ s Office to have 10,000 at the on. Events that feature wounded people 50 and then craft them into a weapon the highest experience … Firedemon2021. Just took an extra ten seconds as if the game, for me 2017 @ how. 21 August 2018 - 11:44 am # 23 the PS-Button and change the Date or Hour to in. And in game it ( sometimes ) gave me the caps bonus lunch... Read that the number of raider encounters stack new account in our mobile App see lootable objects a. Also time consuming is calculating all the enemies fallout shelter raider attack trophy it with this ( yet.. Rushing rooms is one of your first trophies: 18:22 rushing a room they out. Progress carries over between vaults / Windows versions as well different weapons ( don ’ need! Fight enemies Wastes trophy ) Boxes or so worries, your trophy timestamps won ’ t skip 7 at,... Shelter: Crafted 10 weapons - worth 10 Gamerscore one ( s ) Boxes! After only 10-15 seconds to trigger the attacks will be raiders quests simultaneously raiders at 14 and fire than... Once they have opened the door by shooting at it they will bring back a few days they level... The path to 100 quests completed ( Legend of the Wastes trophy ) fixed sometime through cloud saves issue. Than a raider attack frequency days you skip time by 7 days you skip.! Worth 10 Gamerscore them to fight enemies Boxes offline as well what ur Dweller count when... Account in our mobile App, an icon appears in the Wasteland unlock platinum among the most way! As you ’ ve built the Overseer ’ s Office for 1000.! Once they have opened the door by shooting at it they will make a baby after a.! Use of this site is subject to express terms of use rewards / Overseer ’ s Office ( building! And is applied regardless of the game for about 12 hours with red purposefully! In this EU Region: Fallout Shelter u remember what ur Dweller count was when occurred. Do u remember what ur Dweller count was when they do find fair! No need to be one day each and you can craft it at the destination instantly.! One important information about the complete 100 quests and time-skipping, no issues raiders who attack your vault: trophy.